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Added: March 06, 2015

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When Bo came in for his interview he had no idea what kind of screening process Mia and Whitney has in store for him, so he naturally became aroused in all the right places when these two smokin' hot bitches asked him to pull his cock out for them! Needless to say, Bo was shocked, but he was also no idiot and immediately complied, whipping out his rascal in preparation of these sweet sluts getting naked and riding his pole. But little did Bo know that getting naked was the last thing these dominant divas had in mind. Mia and Whitney giggled at Bo's naked ass, suddenly making him feel self-conscious and uncomfortable, but if it meant he was going to get to fuck these two fine pieces of ass, then so be it. Of course, when Bo found himself on all fours being ridden like a horse, his ass being slapped and laughed at, he knew that this wasn't going at all the way he wanted. Bo was relieved when they finally sat him down and pulled out a big bottle of lube...finally the fucking was going to start, or so Bo thought. These clothed cock-teasers lubed up his shaft and abµsed it, smacking his dick and snickering at it, all the while stroking it hard and fast. Every time Bo came close to cumming though, the honeys would stop, toying with Bo and making sure he felt only anguish in the moment. When these brutal bitches finally decided to let Bo climax, they pointed his cock up to his chest, forcing him to cum all over himself, all the while shaming him for doing so. Finally when it was all over, they told Bo that he just wasn't right for the job, and while Bo left feeling used and exploited the honeys gave each other a knowing look...they couldn't wait to do this to the next applicant!


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